clax luther 1 - CLAX ITALIA


CLIENT: Clax Italia

CATEGORY: Prodotti High-Tech

PRACTICES: Web Identity, Web Architecture, Web Design

YEAR: 2014


Creative Direction: Michele Savino & Stanislao Migliorino
Art Direction & Design: Gioia Riccioni
Managing & Accounting: Marco Venuti
Coding: Webessence


Clax is in charge, for more than 40 years, with production of various sized aquariums and acrylic fabrics for industrial and construction use. We designed a website made out of a homepage and three different landing pages that set forth the three types of services on which clax built their business. The floating menu on the left optimizes the navigation. Inside the website you can download the technical sheets of the products and see all their information.
The high quality of the site’s content and an excellent level of navigation are in­line with the company’s professional background.

Luther DSGN è un'agenzia creativa con sede a Roma, formata da figure professionali quali designer, interactive manager e storyteller provenienti da grandi società e agenzie multinazionali.
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