CLIENT: Gardenesk

CATEGORY: Architettura

PRACTICES: Concept, Design, Print

YEAR: 2015


Creative Direction: Michele Savino & Stanislao Migliorino
Art Direction & Design: Serena Russo
Copywriting: Giulia Martinis, Gardenesk
Managing & Accounting: Marco Venuti & Giulia Martinis
Photos: Francesco Berardinelli, Case History Photos
Extras: Printed by Geneprint


An architecture studio called us saying that they have a dilemma in choosing the best way to bring forth to their client’s one of their favorite works. The project following to be developed was the majestic Hotel Calacuncheddi, in Olbia, Sardinia. Project’s layout and architecture included a structural part of a building as well as a Landscape Design. This intervention reached its maximum of potential emphasizing and framing the hotel’s geographical context and architecture. Luther created a precious brochure/booklet with the purpose of describing the hotel in the most evocative way possible in the publication trying to bring forth its architectural value. It was printed on Italian recycled paper with a porous and slightly turned support ( very similar to Sardinia rock) ; the colors, fabric, and the gamma correction applied to images drifts your mind in the local warmth and color tones. Besides its wide pallette of disclosure the project was designed to host three languages at a time: Italian, English and Russian. The work is in line with the examples of contemporary and fashionable Print Design, besides it is useful in PR field presentations.

1 calacuncheddi luther 950 - CALACUNCHEDDI PROJECT
2 calacuncheddi luther 950 - CALACUNCHEDDI PROJECT
3 calacuncheddi luther 950 - CALACUNCHEDDI PROJECT
4 calacuncheddi luther 950 - CALACUNCHEDDI PROJECT
5 calacuncheddi luther 950 - CALACUNCHEDDI PROJECT