According to Zuckerberg, Facebook is a necessary good.

Mr. Facebook has definitely taken off his horrible Adidas slippers. Over 1.4 billion users informed us as well as Mark handshakes reached all over the world. From Narendra Modi to Xi Jinping, from Obama to Medvedev, Zuckerberg is the hottest spokesman in charge at the moment.
But latest invention of the White Plains boy is worthy of the most utopian reality ever imagined.
He named it, later turning it into FreeBasics after the avalanche of criticism received from people doubting the neutral aspect of the network.
The project opens with a message that sounds like the biggest humanitarian cause.
internet facebook
And now? Here comes the Zuckerberg.
The mission reaches 4 billion users with no access to the Internet and attempts to connect them as soon as possible through mega Wifi Drones that manage to fly 2 months without detection (first is called the Aquila, a well known bird for its silent glide and agility).
We could reach conclusions depending on how structured we are as human beings. If we were brought up with bread and `Mystery` on the Italia Uno Channel, the project is just another attempt to gain control of the Planet. In both cases the move smells like a New World Order mission.
Zuckerberg and his entourage have immediately tried to spread the initiative for a communication, meant to propell the access to the Internet as an opportunity for everyone, a step into the contemporary World, whether one talks about work, rights or consciousness.
On the website we find ‘little Neesha,’ from India and her family of nomad magicians, who cannot spread their magic all over the world because the “Holy Father” did not granted them ADSL. Touching.
Even the other stories similar to that of Neesha. People coming from different parts of the world, things not going around so well for them,demand in a high voice to be included in the games.
Even if the purpose might seem filantropic, doesn`t seem to become believable as the overdose of philanthropy of a billionaire towards the Third World countries is.
Why? It`s because everybody knows which will be little Neesha`s homepage, eliminating their first browser: Facebook. Is there anyone who actually thinks this is a small price to pay to benefit from the free usage of such a precious service as the Internet connection? We could believe that. But the positive approach becomes less when we drop our eyes on a paragraph belonging to the section “”About the project.” And we read as follows:
No one should be forced to choose between food, medicine and access to the Internet”.
”Once you read this,read it again and again.
Well yes, according to Mark Zuckerberg, Internet (Facebook included) could be associated to the primary material necessity of a human being, such as bread and medicine.
There is nothing more to add.
Someone should give him back those damn Adidas slippers.
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