Ok. The Burger King’s wine is finally out.

Year 2015 will be remembered as the year Burger King went crazy, in the good sense of course.
After trying to partnership partner up with its biggest enemy, McDonald’s, on the occasion of the International Peace Day.
mcdonalds whopper
(and after received a big NO from the M from San Bernardino and a big “Are you completely nuts? We had over 27 billion dollars of revenues and you only reached 2, come back when you’re grown up. No peace!”) Burger King decided to follow the marketing strategies of many multinational fast food chains, meaning adapting to the profile of the country where it intends to open its business.
The project started in Spain, where wine is veeeeery important. The creative development and the consequent packaging have been given into the hands of La Despensa, a Spanish agency. IThe result is minimalistic, elegant and, who would have ever thought, believable.
We can`t but order a Big King XXL, a pack of onion rings and take a sip of the precious Whopper Wine.
whopper brand identity

whopper wine brand