We Are Luther

LUTHER DSGN is a creative agency formed by a union of professional figures hailing from large, multinational companies and agencies. We’re a network of designers, interactive managers, and storytellers.
Established in 2010 out of a passion for planning and innovation in the design, communications, and visual arts field, LUTHER DSGN works on optimal solutions capable of being integrated into the global market, developing a model that allows for interaction with various types of clients and partners. Luther offers a wide range of services for various businesses: agencies, microenterprises, startups, nonprofit organizations, lifestyle, art, and culture.

The Network

Luther’s strength is its Network.
Professionals in various creative and communications sectors are always available and ready to take on new challenges.
Designers, art directors, copywriters, web masters, programmers, motion graphic designers, illustrators, painters, musicians, DJs, performers, stylists, event managers, photographers, etc.
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Marco Venuti

CEO / Co-Founder

Cool Hunter. Son of the world, no fixed abode. Crazy and creative, as I hope the same thing always ends differently.
Listening to lies because I believe in fairy tales, and I hope that the dreams come true!

Luca Ciarpella

Account Manager / Co-Founder

Account & Problem Solver. Art Historian with a big interest for coding, love to stay on the barricades to preserve the team.

Giulia Martinis

Account / Digital Producer

Storyteller, psiconauth, polemist. I should be more concise. Starting from now.

Andrea Poggioli


Roberto Magnanini aka Romeo Rodeo. Free spirit, visual artist & social media manager.

Roberto Magnanini

Social Media Manager

Designer, Art Director, Photographer, Surfer.
Attitude to handle multiple projects, curious by nature, born creative.

Michele Savino

Creative Director / Co-Founder

Gianmarco Jandolo

Account Manager / Co-Founder

Social Media Manager.
If it surprises, scares or amuses you then it means that it works.

Dorotea Di Vito

Digital Producer / Social Media Manager

Graduated in Architecture, seduced by each form of art.
Affected by graphomania, asymmetry and lost causes lover.

Carolina Venosi

Account / Digital Producer junior

Marco Scichilone


Thinking is for fools, while brainiacs trust to inspiration.

Stanislao Migliorino

Creative Director / Co-Founder

``When they start to hate you, it means you've hit the mark.``

Paola Caridi

Account Manager

Italian designer and art, lives and works in Rome.

Andrea Simone

Art Director junior

Graphic & Motion Designer.
Keen observer, constant learner.
Passionate experimenter & creative instinct for merging beauty and function.

Ines Somai

Graphic Designer

Business Strategist.

``The economy depends about as much on economists as the weather does on weather forecasters``
Jean-Paul Kauffmann

Matteo Della Porta

Business Strategist / Co-Founder

Passionate & craftman, i take time and energy to find perfection every day.
Simplicity and details lover.
Seduced by digital.

Gioia Riccioni

Art Director

Full time graphic designer, part time bookworm.
Proud supporter of the pencil-paper combo.
Hiking enthusiast.
Typos hunter.

Michela De Spagnolis

Art Director junior

Graphic Designer, photography enthusiast, singer. Resolute and determined, in love with art and all the things that rouse feelings.

Flavia Ballarin

Graphic Designer