CLIENT: Actionproof

CATEGORY: High-Tech Products

PRACTICES: Branding, Naming, Web Identity, Campaign, Packaging, Brand Contents

YEAR: 2015


Creative Direction: Michele Savino & Stanislao Migliorino
Art Direction & Design: Michele Savino
Product Design: Maxime
Copywriting: Michele Savino,
Managing & Accounting: Manuela Romano
Coding: Devbiz
Motion&Video: 101%
Social: Publisoftweb
PR: Big Fish


“The Bumper” is a top of the range product from Actionproof consisting of an ultra­resistant rubber case that protects your Apple Watch. The project started with a simple fundraising campaign on Indiegogo and quickly turned out to be a great success story, overriding with 60% the estimated initial fund raise target of 10k USD. In this case, as well as in other cases, we came up with the concept of the product and coordinated the creative direction that quickly integrated the social media department, thanks to a webmercial and ADV campaign, and to famous Online retailers, such as Amazon. The digital PR curated by BigFish in San Francisco, hiked Bumper to another level, making it available to major web magazines, such as Mashable, Wired, HuffPost, allowing it to achieve more than 1 million views.

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