CLIENT: Sporting Vacanze


PRACTICES: Content Architecture, Design

YEAR: 2015


Art Direction: Gioia Riccioni
Design: Michela Spagnolis
Managing & Accounting: Giulia Martinis & Marco Venuti


A trip before another, this was the concept that inspired us in this project. The client in question is a very famous tour operator at international level. Our objective was to give up the old site and its way of communication and build up a new image supported message based on this idea. The homepage was designed with long scroll that allows you to slide through the full screen images illustrating the main destinations. Once you have chosen your destination you can look further into each location going deeper into navigation menu. The menu and navigating tools are more than a frame layout putting the accent on the web page contents. Moreover, thanks to the visible­invisiblefeaturesthesite looks lessinvasive.Thepossibilityoffindinganagencyclose to you with links to the social networks, publicity and possibility of reading online vacation catalogs are website’s main assets. The merging of research at user’s experience with the user interface created a “something special” that goes beyond the simplicity of usage; Sporting Vacation is not only a website but your personal trip consultant.
The programming languages we used for this application were Html5, php, Css, Javascript.