CLIENT: Presqu’ile

CATEGORY: Design Shop

PRACTICES: Concept, Branding, Web Design

YEAR: 2012

Creative Direction: Michele Savino & Stanislao Migliorino
Art Direction & Design: Stanislao Migliorino, Michele Savino
Extras: Printed on Fedrigoni Ispiria



Presqu`ile is a creative post modern design, jewelry and fashion oriented store in the heart of Rome. The mission was to play with the asterisk of the logo, a symbol of semantics that sends you to another one, similar on how products sold in stores manage to create a new imaginary space. After we built the brand identity, we started the packaging the project choosing the precious paper of Fedrigoni, like in the case of Ispiria, playing with white,black and gray tones. We created an unraveled package personalized with heated bed printing that enriches the whole work. It was one of the first works of Luther followed up by consultancy on the start­up, concept and brand identity, to the stationary web design.