CLIENT: Omega Chefaro

CATEGORY: Health Care & Pharmaceuticals

PRACTICES: Web Site, Digital Strategy, Community, Video, Content Editing, Lead Generation, Social Campaign, Adwords Campaign

YEARS: 2015


Creative Direction: Michele Savino & Stanislao Migliorino
Art Direction & Design: Serena Russo, Michela De Spagnolis
Copywriting: Chiara Zilio, Andrea Poggioli
Managing & Accounting: Marco Venuti & Dorotea Di Vito
Coding: Devbiz
Social Strategy & Management: Luca la Mesa


Ymea, leveraging client’s sensitivity to feminine matters, appointed us to design a new space where women are able to communicate each other under supervision of qualified female doctors. The website has a keen intuitive “friendly structure” user that facilitates user’s experience within a public network. The graphics bear a clean­cut feminine aspect while the mellow color scheme comforts you with an intimate feel of security. The video conferences take the aspect of animated infographics being accompanied by a very well structured storytelling with the purpose of making user more comfortable. The cornerstone of the project is a web medical consultant who gives us a positive feedback instantly.