Luther DSGN è un'agenzia creativa con sede a Roma, formata da figure professionali quali designer, interactive manager e storyteller provenienti da grandi società e agenzie multinazionali.


CLIENT: Gardenesk

CATEGORY: Architecture

PRACTICES: Brand Identity, Branding, Website Architecture, Web Design

YEAR: 2015


Creative Direction: Michele Savino & Stanislao Migliorino
Art Direction & Design: Gioia Riccioni
Copywriting: Andrea Poggioli
Managing & Accounting: Giulia Martinis
Coding: Devbiz


It was a real pleasure diving into the refined atmosphere of Gardenesk, known as the Roman company of architects and outdoor/landscape general contractors.
Client’s exquisite taste incensing the prologue of the project, turns it into a passionate and prolific challenge. We wanted to give the project a simple yet enriched minimalist design in line with the existing artistic features of Gardenesk.
The outdoor frames are the laurels of final result, large images invading the whole surface of the wide screens. The logotype, designed by Stanislao, tells the story of open geometrical shapes contoured by the professional journey of the architects of Gardenesk, evolving in time from interior to outdoor design.