PRACTICES: Branding, Naming, Web Identity, Campaign, Packaging, Brand Contents

YEAR: 2016


Creative Direction: Gioia Riccioni & Eduardo Coradini
Copywriting: Andrea Poggioli
Managing & Accounting: Paola Caridi
Graphic, Motion&Video: Gioia Riccioni, Michela De Spagnolis, Ines Somai, Giuseppe Ferrillo, Alessandro Marchese Ragona, Giuseppe Coccoli,  Cliche Video
Project Manager: Massimo Putzu


“Enel Is Open Power” is an event held in Madrid on January 26 (2016) in which Enel Group introduces the business changes that will mark a new era for the company.
The main character of this change is the philosophy “Open Power”, a dynamic and versatile concept that makes of “open-mindedness” its strategic and operational mind-set.
This business change is translated into a new visual system consisting of the new Enel.com site, the new identity and new logo changed after 18 years, replacing the legendary brand signed Bob Noorda.
Our task was to develop a creative concept that could thoroughly portray the Brand’s transformation, accompanying this great event in all its phases.
The concept was then declined in the walk-in, in the acronym presentation and video content distributed within the Endesa headquarters, which hosted the event.


When the world changes, its characters change with him.


Today the world is undergoing a profound transformation and,

once again, Enel is driving in shaping a new digital era and participatory. Open Power is the philosophy that drives growth.

Responsibility, innovation, trust and proactivity are the concepts

describing the new mission. A state of mind that ferries

the name Enel in the new energy era.


Change is something that is happening now,

but that will happen again.


Our task was to translate the concept of Open Power within the conference to present the new Enel logo, held in Madrid on January 26 at the headquarters of Endesa. At the beginning of our creative process we thoroughly studied new identity, extrapolating from it the key elements on which to build our project.


Open color.


A mutant colored trail. A form which from closed becomes open. The advent of color that marks the new Enel era. An 8 color range, all used in our logo. colorful gradients are added to these colors to represent the full spectrum of light and its continuous movement. Enel Is Open Power.


In the beginning there was the cursor.

Then the cursor moved and it was immediately energy.


We began with the cursor, an iconic visual symbol that represents Open Power, the starting place of energy. We added of the connection lines, synapses, which are the world today: an interconnected world and open to sharing. Then, we have added the keywords generated by the participants at the conference. It was the genesis DNA Open Power. On this basis we animated the introductory theme of the event, the totem pole and led the trending wall. The result is a highly recognizable visual story, an immersive path.